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Solo Shows

2017     The Fourth Wall Gallery, Oakland, CA

2015     Gearbox Gallery, Oakland, CA

             Olson Gallery, Benicia, CA

2014     Gallery 621, Benicia, CA

2013     Temporary Contemporary Gallery, Sacramento, CA

             The Depot, Mill Valley, CA

             Alex Bult Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Group Shows

2017    Sloan Miyasato Fine Art, San Francisco, CA


2016    CRC Visual and Performing Arts Center "Chromatic                        Distortions"

                  Yoshio Taylor, Curator

             The Fourth Wall Gallery, Oakland, CA (ongoing)

2015     O'Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA "Bay Area Women                       Artists"

                   Donna Seager and Suzanne Grey, Jurors

              Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA "Variations on                         Abstraction: 2010-2014"

                  Robert Ray, Curator

2014     Richmond Art Center, Richmond CA

             Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

2013     Alex Bult Gallery, Sacramento, CA

             Gallery 621, Benicia, CA

             O'Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

2012     Gallery 111, Sausalito, CA

2011     Yolo County Art Council, Woodland, CA

             ICB, Sausalito, CA

2010     Center of Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA

             O'Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

                  Donna Seager, Juror

             ICB, Sausalito, CA

2009     Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA

             O'Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

2008     Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA

2007     University Union Gallery, Sacramento, CA

                  2nd place as juried by faculty

2006     Chroma Gallery, Sacramento, CA

             Robert Else Gallery, Sacramento, CA

                  Award of Merit

2005     Chroma Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Awards and Recognitions

2014     Producer of short animated film, The Star

                  Premiered at Rhode Island Int'l Film Festival

                  Vimeo Staff Pick Award

2013     Producer of full-length documentary film, Friends of Mine

                  Premiered at Hollywood Film Festival

2008     President, Board of Directors

   -09         Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA

1975     Founder and President: Aulik & Associates, Inc.

   -89          Clients included: Stanford Shopping Center, bebe,

                   Pier 39, Bear Valley Ski Resort and North Beach                           Leather


2009     San Francisco Studio School, San Francisco, CA

2007     Chroma Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2007     California State University, Sacramento, CA

             Master of Fine Arts

1972     Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

             Master of Science in Journalism

1969     University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

             Bachelor of Arts



Charles Somers, CEO, SBM Management Services, Aspen, CO

Kevin McBride, Partner, Jones Days Attorneys, Los Angeles, CA

Bruce Erickson, Managing Director of Investments, Merrill Lynch,

San Francisco, CA

Jerry Montgomery, President, Montgomery Kayak Designs,

Sacramento, CA

California State University, Sacramento Permanent Collection,

Sacramento, CA

William Lyon, Business Development Associate, Metier Project

Portfolio, Management Solutions, Santa Rosa, CA

Matthew Palmer, President, Elsewhere Pictures, Sausalito, CA

Raven's Corner, Archival framers, Sacramento, CA

Phillip Cunningham, Attorney and President of the Center for

Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA

Missy and Gary Nance, Sacramento, CA

Resa Shore, President, Financial Recovery, Inc., Napa, CA

Robert and Nancy Lea, Yolo County, CA



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